Feb 18

Determine Now If You Need House Painters

house paintersAs spring approaches, it’s time to start contemplating the projects you want to tackle once warmer weather hits. Winter’s wind, snow, sleet, and ice have likely taken a toll on your yard as well as your home’s exterior, possibly even causing some extent of damage. Some of it, like faded or peeling paint, can easily and relatively inexpensively be remedied by hiring house painters from Colorado Springs while other issues, like replacing the roof, may require a bigger investment of time and money.

Take a Look

While you may not be able to assess the full extent of the needs of your property until the snow melts, you can certainly begin to take an inventory of what needs doing without Mother Nature’s cooperation (and for some of it, you won’t even have to leave the house). Begin by surveying your yard. If you have a fence, are all of the slats intact? Does it need power washing or restaining? What about the garden retaining wall- is it holding up well? Are there any hazards in the yard that should be addressed as soon as the weather permits, like a broken trampoline or a dead tree? Do trees or bushes need trimming, reshaping, or removing? Take a good look at your deck or porch and determine if anything there needs attention, including the furniture and grill. Think back to all of the honey-dos you thought of the last time you were enjoying your yard- chances are you didn’t accomplish all of them before the winter set in, so be sure to include those on your list, too. It may seem premature, but now would also be a good time to begin planning your spring garden. Within the next few weeks you will want to start the seeds of the plants indoors so they’ll be ready to transplant once the danger of frost has passed.

Get Outside

At some point, you’ll need to brave the frigid temperatures and actually go outside in order to look at your home’s exterior. Check everything from the rain gutters to the window seams and spotlights and make note of any issues you find. If possible, examine the foundation, driveway, sidewalk, path to the front door, any steps there may be, as well as the front porch or patio to ensure they are safe and in good repair. You don’t want anyone tripping or falling on your property. Take a good look at your home from the curb. What stands out to you in both the pro column and the con column? Are your Christmas lights still up? How’s the house paint looking? Have winter storms left it lackluster or has it held up impressively well? Is your roof intact, or are there missing shingles?

Plan and Prioritize

Knowing now what you will need to do in short order will help you to create a game plan and prioritize the projects. It will also allow you to budget appropriately so you can decide if you will be hiring house painters in Colorado Springs or learning how to do some new things for yourself.