Oct 01

Finding A Boise iPhone Repair Service

My iphone is the lifeblood of my business.  As a realtor, I often rely on just my smartphone to conduct all types of business and transactions.  Without it, I am dead in the water.  Last week the glass on my iphone broke, and I began a search to find the best Boise iphone repair service.  I have a rather large network on Facebook, so I thought I would start there.   Several people had very high recommendations for a place in Meridian.  I called them, spoke with the technician, and he gave me a quote over the phone.   He told me that I could drop my phone off during my lunch break, and he would have it done in less than an hour.   Nice!   I found a couple other places by doing a Google search, and called them as well.  The second place was actually close to my Boise office, but when I called, I spoke with a cell phone sales rep, who didn’t seem to be able to provide much detail to their iphone repair services.  He simply just told me to bring it by and they would take a look at it.   I made one last call, and although this young lady was very pleasant, she also could not give me much info about costs, time, parts in stock etc…   So I opted for LoosePrices Repair Center, the place in Meridian.  I dropped my iphone off, and picked it up after lunch just as the technician recommended.   My phone looked brand new, and the repair came with a 90 day warranty.  I could not have been more pleased!  My search for a Boise iPhone repair center is over.  I highly recommend them!