When considering investing in beach front or coastal real estate, there are several important factors to consider.
The value beach front real estate continues to rise despite an otherwise dismal housing market.  Real Estate agents selling beach real estate are reporting that sales are still very brisk, and that many beach properties are being sold soon after being listed.    Values continue to rise, even though the risks of beach real estate has remains the same.
Coastal real estate presents these homeowners with many risks: fire, storms, erosion, rise in sea level, burglary, damage caused by renters, are just a few.  It is important for new investors looking for beach front properties to realize that  the average ownership life for coastal properties is only seven years.  Many of these owners have opted to sell, and move where there are less risks and lower cost of living.
Now that we’ve got the not so appealing side of beach real estate ownership out of the way,  There are many reasons why owning a vacation home property is still so appealing.  There are many amazing activities that can be enjoyed when you purchase or own your own beach front real estate.  Surfing, boating, fishing, deep sea diving, hiking mountain trails, horseback riding, scuba diving, and snorkeling are the wonderful actives that be enjoyed day in and day out.  Privacy is very appealing to many resort home owners.  It’s more common than you would imagine that some properties offer solar panels to power batteries, or windmills and electric motors to provide power and stay completely off the grid.  Privacy, beauty and excitement aren’t the only attractions however, coastal towns offer many work opportunities.Perhaps the most important tool investors can have, is a good real estate agent.  Look for real estate agents that have the knowledge and experience in the area where you are considering oceanfront real estate.  The right agent will have expertise and intimate knowledge of local communities and be able to find the right property that meets your needs and desires.

Be sure to ask your real estate agent some of the following questions:
Are any unusual hazards in the area that could affect future values?
What is the rate or beach erosion in the area?
Has the property been built in a way or with materials that are designed to withstand storms, or prevent storm damage?
What types of insurance is required, and or recommended?
If your real estate agent can answer those questions, you will know that you have the right person.
Judy at the beach is here to provide you the information you need to purchase the right resort, beachfront, or vacation home properties.!