Jul 28

How To Choose The Right Fence For Your Property

Today, fencing options are abundant, but the one most important ingredient in choosing the right fence for your home will always be making sure it suits your needs. So, ask yourself, is the goal of installing a fence to maintain a certain level of privacy, increase property value and curb appeal, or is it to keep your pets and children within the boundaries of their own yard?

Something else that must be considered when putting up a fence is the initial cost and the amount of maintenance it will require to keep it in good condition and looking good for years. Cost is often the overriding factor in selecting a good fence, but that doesn’t have to mean your selection will not perform according to your desires.

Here are some tips you may find helpful in deciding which fence is right for your home:

1. If you want a fence for the privacy and security, then you’ll want a full privacy fence.  Privacy fencing has no visibility between slats, comes in a variety of styles and materials.  The most popular are vinyl and cedar.  Privacy fence is usually more expensive that other fencing types, simply because they require more material.  Some HOA’s may not allow full privacy fencing, make sure you check the guidelines of your sub-division.

2. When full privacy is not important, many people opt for a semi-privacy fencing.  They still provide great security, but are more open,  and allow sunlight and air to pass through.

3. If looks or simple defining a property boundary is the main goal, then a picket fence is the way to go.  Picket fencing will not provide privacy or security, but they add a beautiful look and feel to a property – especially wide open or larger property spaces.

4. Fence maintenance can, over time become a big issue since not all fencing materials hold up to the weather in the same way. Vinyl fencing will cost more initially, but requires very little maintenance, and in the long run will be less expensive than cedar.

Choose The Right Fence Contractor

Specialized tools are required when fencing in a yard. You could do it yourself, but unless you have the skills and equipment to do the work properly you would be better off hiring a fencing contractor. Contractors understand how to secure building permits and can advise you on the right fence for the job and whether or not your HOA would approve. Be safe and call in an expert.