Dec 26

Important Tips On Preparing For A Flood Disaster

preparing for a flood disasterA flood disaster is merciless and destroys almost everything in its path. The bad news is that while they can be somewhat predicted they can also strike unexpectedly. If your home is in a high risk zone you definitely have to take some preventive measure, but some basic preventions should be taken by all people as we never know when mother nature decides to strike.

Preparing for a flood disaster must start with checking if you are in a flood zone or not with the FEMA Map Service Center. If the risk exists then you must think about moving the valuables to a high floor, but the best thing is to have a plan in case disaster strikes. Floods move very fast and will not give you time to think too much. Make an escape plan and don`t always rely on your car as driving through moving water can be very dangerous.

One way to prepare is by installing sump pumps which can be very effective if the flood is not major, but they will not save you in all cases. Learn about the emergency plans of your community, shelters and evacuation routes. Be prepared to turn off electrical power and gas quickly when you first realize there will be a flood and before evacuating. Electric components should be above the projected level of regular floods, at least 12″ from the floor and install backflow valves wherever that is possible.

Preparing for a flood disaster also implies making sure you have an emergency kit ready. It should include some supplies, some basic clothes, flashlights and anything else you might need in case you have to grab it fast and leave the house for a week or more. You will need clean water, a radio and a first aid kit so make sure you include those. Create a family communication plan so you can always be in contact with the others.

When a possible flood is announced and you still have time, construct some barriers to stop the floodwater from entering the building. Make sure you use waterproof components, sand bags work best if you can get them. Whatever you do in a flood disaster, keep calm and ask for help before the situation ever begins to get out of your control.