Feb 18

Older Homes Often Require Plumbing & Drain Service

Long-standing residences are overflowing with charisma and history. These sorts of properties lure people who long for the past. While, older home occupants adore the charm and wistfulness these properties offer, they also covet contemporary amenities and features such as modernized kitchens and bathrooms. The longing for innovative kitchen and bathroom renovations means that there will be a reasonable amount of plumbing work needed to bring such a home up to modern day standards. Old homes may be sought-after, but the plumbing shocks that these properties can unleash on unsuspicious homeowners may have services like Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service being called quite often.

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing fixes or transformations in an older residence can become a bad dream for property owners. Dwellings built prior to the 1970’s tend to be swamped with obsolete plumbing materials that create a numerous problems. Instances of these kinds of materials include: galvanized steel water source lines, and cast-iron drain channels. These materials are not advantageous to use with modern high-efficiency, contemporary plumbing appliances. Steel plumbing can cause low water pressure that aged properties commonly encounter. This occurs because the steel corrodes from the water, producing a build-up that ultimately impedes all water flow. Some property owners may be enticed to take the low-cost way out and repair only the rusted portions of the steel plumbing. This is a short-lived solution that will cost homeowners more money in the long run. The answer to galvanized steel piping is to substitute it with copper or plastic piping. This transition steel to copper or plastic piping can be a difficult, costly process, but entirely necessary.

Renovating Calls for Tolerance

Older homes were erected with high-quality workmanship. This exceptional technique is what makes homeowner’s cherish old houses, but it makes modernizing these homes frustrating. Homes today are constructed economically and hurriedly with resources that are created to be replaced. The same cannot be said for home built half a decade or more ago. Thick wood framing and walls constructed of plaster make it difficult to get inside walls to challenging when one needs to replace the piping. Solely using a drill or a hammer is not an option. Typically, specialized equipment is required.

Skilled Repair Professionals

Countless property owners, who buy old houses, take pride in being DIY, hands-on home owners. They are excited about having a project that will satisfy their hunger to feel a sense of accomplishment. Renovating a home to its previous magnificence is attractive for numerous individuals. Nonetheless, if you are a property owner who has made the decision to modernize the plumbing structure of an older house, you should not attempt to complete this kind of renovation without the help of a service like Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain Service. These properties have special concerns that require skilled services. This is especially true if your property is a historic home. These properties require the services of a professional plumber who appreciates the notable worth of your property and has a deep understanding of the special requirements that are needed in order for home to remain on the historic homes register. You want to make sure any plumbing changes you make do impede the historic integrity of the home.