Dec 22

Supporting An Autistic Child With Autism Nutritional Supplements

3219786_sThere are several components to a healthy diet: high fiber, low sugar, and limited amounts of refined carbohydrates. Balanced meals consist of 50% produce and 25% each of protein and grains. Studies show that most North American diets are out of whack. They are imbalanced and lack good fats the body needs to function. Better eating and the addition of supplements would be a good idea.

Especially for Autism

Nutritional supplements are an important consideration for any person with autism and other related special medical needs.  Autism nutritional supplements are not vastly different from healthy eating as described above, but it should contain a higher concentration than normal of certain fats, vitamins, and minerals. Autistic children often suffer from lung problems. Treatment using antibiotics leads to digestive complications. Aggressive behaviors, extreme mood swings, and other concerns point to deficiencies in particular nutrients which can be added to regular meals or supplemented in other ways.

Doctor Recommended Autism Nutritional Supplements

It’s not always enough to take just a simple multi-vitamin.  A doctor should be consulted, and will usually recommend a list of brands and types of supplements tailored specifically to the child or person in need.  Doctors will normally recommend only the most trusted and reliable supplement brands such has Kirkman Labs, Houston Enzymes, and Nourishlife, just to name a few.  There are dozens of very high quality and reputable manufacturers.  Contact a reputable nutrition store like Spectrum Supplements  to find all the doctor recommended autism supplements in one place.

Not Just Pills

Don’t despair if your son or daughter refuses to swallow capsules. Some supplements are available in the form of drops or liquids. Lithium, which reduces aggressive symptoms, is administered one drop at a time into liquids or food so your child won’t notice. If yogurt smoothies are popular, drop or pour in a liquid supplement or powder. Pills can also be broken down and blended into food this way. Pop open a fishy-tasting omega-3 capsule for brain health and speech support and drop the juice into a chocolate-flavored drink.

Tasty or Tactile

Certain products designed for kids are really tasty, like chewable enzymes for digestive issues. While there are many versions of Vitamin B, essential for energy and healthy moods, a cream could be the ideal medium. Rub it into a child’s back if he is soothed by massage or allow him to smooth it into his own skin.