Mar 25

The Ins And Outs of Driveway Paving

An aspect many people don’t think about when they are building a new home is the driveway. You might thing there isn’t much to think about when it comes to driveways, but in reality, there is a lot you need to know. Driveway paving in MA doesn’t have to be confusing. A paved, asphalt driveway isn’t just a transition from the road to your garage. It makes a great aesthetic focal point for any home and can show off your new car as well. It offers a safe place for your kids to play hopscotch and basketball, or sketch out some chalk masterpieces. Most importantly, asphalt driveways are easy to maintain, economical, and durable. Remember that a well done paved driveway is made up of three things: an excellent design, excellent materials, and excellent construction.

Excellent Design

The first step to any major project is the planning. A good driveway can’t be made without a plan. Driveways, much like the houses they compliment, are built from the ground up. So, you’ll want to start with a sturdy base. The ground on which the driveway will be laid has to be firm, smooth, and even. Make sure there is no topsoil or organic material. Next, you’ll want to lay a granular stone over the base to ensure proper drainage. Drainage pitch and types of pavement are also concerns that go into a well designed driveway. Since water will drain off of the asphalt, make sure it drains properly; away from buildings and places where it can pool.

Excellent Materials

Most people look at asphalt and think that there is only one type of asphalt. To the trained eye, however, there are a wide variety of different types of mixes that each have a specific application. Each type of asphalt will vary according to climate conditions, strength, and durability concerns. The person you hire to mix and pour the asphalt should understand and know the specific conditions in your area and be able to provide a mix that will work best for you.

Excellent Construction

You’ve decided on asphalt as your preferred choice of material for your driveway and have planned a look of what you want. Now, you’re ready to get a contractor who’s willing to do your driveway paving in MA. Good contractors will have a long line of experience in laying asphalt, well-maintained equipment, and highly professional employees. Look for some key steps during the construction that can indicate you’ve made the right choice of contractor. He shouldn’t be in a rush. The ground is very loose just after the house has been built and may take up to a few months for it to settle enough for driveway construction to occur. A good contractor will know if the asphalt is too hot as it is being poured when blue smoke rises from the surface. He will also know when it is too cold. He’ll want to lay the asphalt in good, warm weather. A good contractor will also have a professional demeanor, willing to answer any questions you have in a clear and concise manner. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a beautiful asphalt driveway in no time!