Feb 08

The Top Five Scenic Airports To Land In America

Pilot suppliesTraveling the friendly skies is a job that most people envy. For pilots and flight attendants, it can be just another day on the job. America is a beautiful country that has breathtaking mountains and gorgeous bodies of water. Flying into some airports gives a whole different view than others. Here are the five airports that have the best views in the country.

Mammoth Lakes, CA

Those looking for stunning views should fly around and land in Mammoth Lakes. This area is known for its dark clouds and often brilliant colored snow. All of this set with a backdrop of mountain rock and it is one mesmerizing place to be. Some say that flying over this area and landing here makes them feel like they are in another country, or planet. The Mammoth Yosemite Airport is open to both commercial and private plans.

Jackson, WY

Jackson Hole Airport is a popular spot for the stunning beauty that surrounds it. Filled with lush vegetation of all colors in the summer, this area is a great place to snap a few pictures. The wintertime brings snowcapped mountain peaks and a mystical awe that few places have. Located in the Grand Teton National Park, it is a place that every pilot should fly at least once.

Aspen, CO

The Aspen/Pitkin County Airport located in the Aspen area is known for its wintertime beauty, because this area is prominently covered with snow. Often dubbed “nature’s playground” this area has some of the most amazing sites on the state of Colorado. Those who love snowcapped mountains and the brilliance of a ski town should definitely fly here.

New York City

The city that never sleeps is one of the most fascinating places to fly into. The famous LaGuardia Airport has tens of thousands of people that come to this location every day. This airport is located in close proximity to the Hudson River. Flying over this area, especially in the fall, will allow viewing of some of the most amazing sites on the East Coast. Some say that flying in the early evening, just while the sun is setting, will provide an amazing and colorful show on the sides of the buildings, they will seem to sparkle.

San Francisco, CA

There is just something about flying over the ever popular San Francisco Bay that makes the trip to this area spectacular. Known for mild weather and beautiful ocean life, this area has some amazing views. The take-off and landing runways are located right in great proximity to the water, what a way to land. The Bay area holds a great deal of beauty whether on foot or in the sky. American has it all, from amber waves of grain to Majestic Mountain ranges. When viewing the country by air rather than on land, there is a whole different range of scenic views that can be observed. It really is an amazing country with remarkable sites.

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