Mar 18

Thinking About Pros and Cons of Owning Recreational Property

Mountain land for saleMore than commercial value: the beauty of nature, the invitation for luxury, and the idea of “getting away from it all” remain some of the biggest draws for people looking into buying a mountain lot. There’s just so much more to be gained from a good mountain property or cabin lot than an asset for your portfolio. Whether you’re looking to invest or you just want a little freedom you should seriously consider the bounty of owning your own piece of earth away from it all.

Prominent Pros and Cons

For some of us dreaming of a summer cabin is an incredibly romanticized vision that has filled hours of free time. If this is you then it is important to consider the realities and responsibilities of owning a property up in the mountains. For many people the idea of owning a second home somewhere that the family can go and relax has never crossed their mind as a reality. You may be one such person, held back by ideas that only the most affluent can own a vacation property, but with the opportunities on the market today this just isn’t true. Whether or not you’ve thought about this before there is a lot you should consider before buying:

  • Getting Into Nature: Let’s face it, one of the greatest reasons for buying a mountain lot is to cut the digital umbilical cord of your children’s virtual generation. Kids benefit hugely from feeling the grit of dirt and basking in the warmth of the sun. It has been proven time and time again, the outdoors can greatly enhance a child’s balance and emotional wellbeing. As you look for a good location be picky! Choose a spot that just speaks to you, there are plenty of great locations!
  • Dealing With Remote Life: When it comes to nature, being out in it means really being in it and if you intend to build a cabin this can result in some significant adjustments. From wild animals as neighbors to hordes of mosquitos and termites in the walls, you need to be prepared for everything that Mother Nature brings. It’s important when looking for your property that you know what developments and utilities you expect. Some properties are provided with community amenities, others are as far off the grid as you can get, which means utilities are up to you.
  • Investment Property: If you buy up a mountain lot and build a modest cabin not only can you enjoy it for your family, but often you can rent it out to folks interested in a great vacation rental and make enough to cover costs plus a little profit on the side. Picking a prime location that’s both close to local sites and conveniences, but is far enough off the beaten path to make for privacy is an important feature in vacation rentals.
  • Maintenance: As mentioned before, a cabin up in the mountains is going to have some fantastic views, but when winter months blow in maintenance and utilities can become seriously troublesome. Take your time to consider how you’ll maintain the cabin, especially if you’re renting it in the winter, you may need to hire local property managers if you don’t want to make the trip up there on a regular basis.

Make sure to consider all your options and know how you want to use a your land before picking it, since this can help you really hone in on the perfect lot. And though there’s a lot to think about, don’t get discouraged there is mountain land for sale that’s perfect for you. You CAN have your land and enjoy it too!