Apr 25

Vinyl Fence Styles And Applications

chesterfieldClosedVinyl Fence is cost effective and has multiple uses. It looks just as good in a residential neighborhood, as it does on a country ranch. With so many styles available, home owners can find just about any type of fence they want, in a vinyl version.

Cost and benefit

Vinyl fencing is a good investment. It costs slightly more than wood. But, in the long run, it will be cost effective. Typically, there is little to no maintenance. Vinyl is durable and can last much longer than wood fencing. It doesn’t rot or rust, which means it may never need to be replaced, unless it becomes damaged by forces of nature.


The picket style fencing looks just like the wood version. It can be installed with plain vinyl posts, or with decorative touches. It will look just as good on a stately manner, as it will look in front of a ranch house or older colonial home. The Cape Cod is a straight version with little decoration. The Danbury is a scooped version with plain posts. The Providence has a more defined scoop and is often used with decorative finials.

Semi-private fencing is used as a barrier and to keep pets in. It is often used in applications where complete privacy is not necessary, but some separation for the surroundings is desired. It comes in different heights.

Privacy fencing is used to maintain a more secluded feel, whether for a patio, yard with a pool, or a yard containing pets. It can be solid or designed with a lattice top, for a more decorative look. Privacy fencing comes in typical standard heights.

Porches and railing

Vinyl fencing looks good as an accent fence. It can be used on porches and with railings, to provide a safety barrier. It can also draw attention to the front of the home. When used around decks, vinyl fencing gives the homeowner and guests a sense of privacy and seclusion. Railing fence comes in two different heights.

Colors and variations

The typical color for vinyl fence is white. However, it may also be available in tan and other aesthetically pleasing colors. While there aren’t many color choices, vinyl fence can be painted, like its wood counterparts. Homeowners can match the fence to the home or paint a coordinating color.


Vinyl fencing is durable and built to last. It may never need to be replaced. Wood fence often requires replacement of rotting planks or posts, depending on the type of weather it’s exposed to. Vinyl looks good in a variety of settings. When used on ranches, for horse and livestock, it is safer than wood, which can cause splinters and scrapes. Vinyl is easy to clean. A wet cloth and occasional soap and water can help vinyl fence maintain its fresh, new look.

Durability, plenty of choice, and cost effectiveness are some of the many advantages if installing vinyl fencing. The ability to work in a variety of settings makes it a good choice for nearly any property owner.