Mar 04

Your Dream House Is Within Your Reach! Read On…

If you are a first time home buyer, the below is information that you need to know before making that big step.

1. There are many ways to find homes: going to expos, searching for houses online or looking through notice boards at malls. The easiest and stress free way is to hire an agent. The below are the reasons why this is the best option to take:

  • Agents are aware of new listings in the market in terms of house prices and the best deals
  • They know the process and paperwork
  • An agent will use their resources like time, fuel and airtime to follow up with the search
  • If you are very busy, you can use your agent to preview homes and send you pictures of the same to help you decide
  • They are aware of overpriced houses and other alternatives and can advise accordingly

2. Let the agent be aware of your specifications i.e. large kitchen, mini kitchen garden, hardwood floors, brick walls or any other detail that are important features for you. Get to see at least five houses before settling on one.

3. Do not look at the price of a house only. Get the agent to negotiate the offer for you based on the location of the house among other factors like proximity to work, social amenities like schools and hospitals, rate of property tax, crime rate, quality of water and air and the general noise level of the area. These are also an important factor to consider when choosing a house. Agents can help you meet your expectations and get a good value for your money. Find out the total final cost that you will incur in the purchase which includes agent fees, settlement fees, taxes and the home owners’ association fees.

4. You can get a mortgage loan to help you buy the house. If your bank account transactions show a good credit history, then you may be sure to get the loan. Do not forget to purchase mortgage insurance to cover you in case you default on mortgage payments.

5. Once you have decided the house you want, contract an agency to do an inspection of the house before you sign any documentation. If faults are found, you may request the seller to repair the house or cancel the purchase altogether. From this point, you can get a contractor to remodel your house and customize it to your style and preference.