Mar 04

Replace Your Countertop with Durable Granite

Are you tired of your outdated kitchen and need to remodel? When making plans for the design and what to replace, counter tops typically top the list. It seems like the trend lately for kitchen remodels is to upgrade your counter tops to granite. It is a bit more expensive, but it will be worth it. It looks great, and you can’t beat the wear of natural stone. Besides, when your friends and family visit, they will be surprised at your choice to upgrade to granite in Troy, Michigan for all your counter tops. The natural feel of granite is pretty alluring and the textural look it adds to your kitchen is far superior to your old Formica. There are several products on the market that you can choose from, but natural stone just seems to quietly state your sense of style.

Colors and Patterns

When choosing a natural stone product like granite, you have many choices for color and pattern. Some people like to be more subdued in their choices and may go for a color in the lighter tan or beige range. Others might want a deep brown or something in a bold charcoal to black range. When selecting a color, you also need to select a pattern. You will find that most granite slabs and varied patterns. They can be heavily veined in highly contrasting color variations or have speckles in multiple hues within the same piece. Some even have hints of quartz and give off a sparkle or metallic sheen. When choosing granite, you will have many color and textural pattern options.

Remodeling Tips

When you are ready to start your remodel, you should have a professional come to your home and assist you with some important questions. Will you be keeping you existing cabinets or buying new? If you are buying new, will you be using the same layout as your current kitchen? It will be a good idea for someone to inspect your current cabinetry to make sure they can accommodate a heavier natural stone counter top. A good cabinet and counter top company will be able to tell you if you need new cabinets. Some people don’t even care to keep the existing cabinets and do a total remodel. In either case, you might want a professional opinion on your proposed design.

Installation and Care

When you purchase your new counter tops with granite in Troy Michigan, you will need some assistance with the installation. Natural stone is very heavy and your counter top fabricator will have the tools to install the slabs correctly. After spending all the time and money to do the remodel, you want to be sure that the functional parts like your counter top are installed and sealed so you can use and enjoy them for the life of your home. After they finish the installation, ask them for care and use tips. They will show you how to seal and polish the stone to keep it vibrant and stain free. You will need to inspect it every six months or so to make sure the seal is holding up.