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Nov 29

Hiring A Custom Home Builder For Your Dream House

A home built according to your needs will serve you much better than anything you could find on the market. However, planning and construction can be tricky. It will take more effort to ensure that everything turns out just the way that you want it to. Hiring an excellent custom home builder in Boise, Idaho will make the process a whole lot easier. Do the following while searching for the right one:

Get Trusted Referrals

You want a custom home builder that can deliver on their promises. The best ones to ask about this are people who have already built their own homes. They can tell you about their experiences with the companies that helped them. Ask them whether they would hire these again if they could do it all over. Get as many referrals as possible from trusted individuals such as your friends, relatives, and co-workers.

Perform Background Checks

Once you have compiled a list of builders, you can start performing a background check on each of them. Every business worth its salt has a website these days. They contain information on the company’s history, service offerings, past projects, and key people. Go ahead and visit them to learn more about what you are dealing with. See if their projects are similar to what you have in mind.

Set Up a Meeting

Trim down the list based on the result of your background check. Set up a meeting with each of the builders still up for consideration. Use this opportunity to step into their offices and get a feel for the way they do business. Tell them the detail of your plan and see if they can offer valuable comments and suggestions. You should be able to sense their eagerness to work with you.

Study the Bids

Based on your conversation, they should be able to have a good picture of the house that you want to build. Be candid about your budget for the project so that they can adjust accordingly. Ask them to submit a bid with a complete breakdown of the costs. There could be great variation in the type of materials, cost of labor, and length of construction. Study each of the bids carefully to find the best value for money.


Oct 29

Choosing The Best Fence Contractor In Meridian, Idaho

wrought-iron-western-3-rail-3If you live in Meridian, Idaho and need fencing for security, for privacy, to keep your children and pets safely inside, or want to enhance the overall look of your home, then Meridian Fence, the best Cedar Fence Contractor in the area, is the way to go. Serving Boise, Meridian, and other surrounding areas, they offer several types of high quality fencing available to suit all your needs.
Apart from  standard fencing, they are also more than happy to work with you and use your ideas to create custom fencing that is unique to you.

Fence Products

  • Cedar — our cedar fencing is cheaper than other materials, looks stunning, and if well-maintained, will last for years and years. Cedar fencing is the first choice for many home-owners in and around Boise
  • Vinyl — although higher in price than wood fencing, our vinyl fencing is incredibly durable, and an excellent investment that will actually save you money over the years
  • Wrought Iron — wrought iron fencing is tough, looks beautiful, provides plenty of security, and comes in capped style, 2-rail, and 3-rail for extra stability.

They also install chain link fencing, which is not only less expensive but also provides significantly higher levels of security

Apart from installing our standard fencing, they also offer a service to stain, restore, preserve, or enhance your existing fencing. Every job is handled by our experts in a professional manner, and each customer is given a 2 to 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee on every maintenance-free stain project that we take on.

Why Choose Meridian Fence?
They are a professional Cedar Fence Contractor dedicated to keeping our clients completely satisfied, and we will deliver a service to you that is guaranteed to meet all your requirements, at a price that suits your budget. From the moment you make that first call to us, you will be treated with the utmost respect, and if you are not sure as to which type of fencing to order, our experts will help you all the way, to make the right decision.
Should you require any further information regarding their company or products, visit their website by clicking here


Apr 25

Vinyl Fence Styles And Applications

chesterfieldClosedVinyl Fence is cost effective and has multiple uses. It looks just as good in a residential neighborhood, as it does on a country ranch. With so many styles available, home owners can find just about any type of fence they want, in a vinyl version.

Cost and benefit

Vinyl fencing is a good investment. It costs slightly more than wood. But, in the long run, it will be cost effective. Typically, there is little to no maintenance. Vinyl is durable and can last much longer than wood fencing. It doesn’t rot or rust, which means it may never need to be replaced, unless it becomes damaged by forces of nature.


The picket style fencing looks just like the wood version. It can be installed with plain vinyl posts, or with decorative touches. It will look just as good on a stately manner, as it will look in front of a ranch house or older colonial home. The Cape Cod is a straight version with little decoration. The Danbury is a scooped version with plain posts. The Providence has a more defined scoop and is often used with decorative finials.

Semi-private fencing is used as a barrier and to keep pets in. It is often used in applications where complete privacy is not necessary, but some separation for the surroundings is desired. It comes in different heights.

Privacy fencing is used to maintain a more secluded feel, whether for a patio, yard with a pool, or a yard containing pets. It can be solid or designed with a lattice top, for a more decorative look. Privacy fencing comes in typical standard heights.

Porches and railing

Vinyl fencing looks good as an accent fence. It can be used on porches and with railings, to provide a safety barrier. It can also draw attention to the front of the home. When used around decks, vinyl fencing gives the homeowner and guests a sense of privacy and seclusion. Railing fence comes in two different heights.

Colors and variations

The typical color for vinyl fence is white. However, it may also be available in tan and other aesthetically pleasing colors. While there aren’t many color choices, vinyl fence can be painted, like its wood counterparts. Homeowners can match the fence to the home or paint a coordinating color.


Vinyl fencing is durable and built to last. It may never need to be replaced. Wood fence often requires replacement of rotting planks or posts, depending on the type of weather it’s exposed to. Vinyl looks good in a variety of settings. When used on ranches, for horse and livestock, it is safer than wood, which can cause splinters and scrapes. Vinyl is easy to clean. A wet cloth and occasional soap and water can help vinyl fence maintain its fresh, new look.

Durability, plenty of choice, and cost effectiveness are some of the many advantages if installing vinyl fencing. The ability to work in a variety of settings makes it a good choice for nearly any property owner.


Feb 23

Fencing and Fences – Everything You Need To Know

fencing stylesWhen it comes to fence, fences and fencing, there are many different kinds to choose from. wrought iron fence, aluminium and metal fence, vinyl fence, dog run fence and picket fences are just a few types of fences. There are even pool fences, wood fences, fence posts, electric gates, privacy fences and gates.

Our team of fence installers and contractors will provide you with free quotes and they will complete your fencing in a professional manner. When you need a fencing contractor, then make sure you give us a call.

Vinyl Fencing
This kind of fencing is inexpensive, and it is easy to maintain, which is one of the reasons why it is a good choice. PVC is what the fencing is made out of, which means it won’t rot away or warp. Plus, you won’t need to paint it. They make for great privacy fences and picket fences.

Wood Fences
This type of fencing option is popular and it is because of its attractiveness. Let’s not forget to mentioned that you can choose from different types of wood, such as pine, redwood and spruce to name just a few. These fences are also durable, thanks to the metal that can be used to reduce rotting, as well as warping.

Aluminum And Metal
Fences made from aluminum and mtal are a great alternative to wrought iron. Not much maintenance is needed with aluminum fences, and they are quite durable. One of the best things about them is that they do not rust, and they are available in many different styles.

Wrought Iron
This fence lasts a longtime, and little maintenance is required with them.

Chain Link Fence
These fences are very common, and they offer a good amount of privacy. Not only that, but they tend to be inexpensive and they are low in maintenance. Go for this option if you want a good privacy fence that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Steel Fencing
If you want a look of elegance, then steel fencing is the way to go. They are usually maintenance-free and they are extremely durable. Asides from that, they are usually finished with a coat of powder. If you need a strong fence that features a great finish, then consider having a steel fence installed.

Privacy Fencing
These come in various styles, as well as materials and colors. They are great for the backyard, and when you install one, then you are pretty much installing a new room to your home. There are a number of factors you will want to take a look at in regards to privacy fencing, so take that into consideration when you figure out what your price range is.

Dog Runs
If you have pets and you want them to remain in a single location either outside or inside, but you do not want to install an entire fence, then you will want to take a look at dog runs.

Picket Fencing
Picket fences are very common, and they look great. They have been features so many times in so many movies, paintings and so forth. Picket fences are available in various materials, but many people tend to get them in wood and vinyl.

Pool Fencing
Make sure you take the time to browse the different styles that pool fences are available in. Also, they can be made from various materials. You can fence in your pool for decorative purposes and/or for privacy purposes.

Gates allow you to control who enters your property and who leaves it, which is why they are a good buy. If you don’t want someone entering your property, then you can do that thanks to this type of fencing option.

Electric Gate
Electric gates allow you to get into a certain area all without the need to leave your vehicle. You will be able to open the gate with just a touch of a button.

Fence, Fencing and Fences : The Use, The Styles And The Materials
Fencing is used for various things and they are available in so many different styles and materials. However, you need a qualified professional that can tell you about the different types of fences and provide you with some good advice. You don’t want just anybody installing your fence.

Uses For Fences
There are many things fences are used for, including for privacy, protection of yards and livestock, for pools, preventing snow and sports. They are also used for decorative purposes, security and landscaping. Prisons, airfields and fixed machinery are also things fences are used for.

The Styles
They come in styles such as dog ear, gothic, pool and picket. Other styles include French Gothic and New England style to name just a few.

The Materials
Fences are available in so many different materials, and this includes wood, oak, cedar and even wattle. Other materials include chestnut and spruce, as well as pine.


Aug 25

Five Benefits Of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Privacy Fence T&G 1Thanks to its durability and many positive qualities, vinyl fencing is a popular choice for residential and commercial uses. When still unsure about the decision to use vinyl, consider its benefits. Five in particular are worth reviewing.

Vinyl Material Strength
Vinyl fencing is known for its strength and durability. A weather resistant option, vinyl also lacks the problems with rotting, mold, cracking and warping that can be an issue with other materials. It sports an impressive wind rating, particularly compared to that of wood varieties of fencing. Vinyl fences can also endure heavy amounts of rain and a range of extreme temperatures. Additionally, vinyl is not susceptible to unsightly scratches in the way other materials are.

Economical Price
Depending on the exact product chosen and the decision to add a color, the price per linear foot for vinyl fencing can be more expensive than other materials. Despite that, vinyl often proves to be a more economical choice in the long term. Vinyl lasts longer than other types of fences, wood in particular. Vinyl fencing might also come with a warranty, further adding to its value.

Product Maintenance
Low maintenance is a benefit of vinyl fencing many come to appreciate. Cleaning is usually a matter of a little soap and water, a rinse with a garden hose often sufficient for minor jobs. Heavier dirt or stains might require extra scrubbing, something that might become necessary after storms or other unexpected circumstances. Cleaning solutions can be of help, environmentally safe products being particularly suitable for vinyl fencing.

Environmental Safety
Vinyl fencing is also environmentally friendly in some important ways. Although it is not biodegradable, vinyl fencing can be recycled. Vinyl fencing also has no need to be treated with toxic chemicals and does not require frequent repainting.

Style Variety
Vinyl fencing is available in a number of interesting styles, making it easy to serve a variety of aesthetic preferences. Lattice tops are available for fence panels, for example, or buyers can choose scalloped pickets. Private, semi-private and picket fencing options allow buyers to decide how fully to block sight lines. All choices present options that are attractive, functional and long lasting.


Jul 28

How To Choose The Right Fence For Your Property

Today, fencing options are abundant, but the one most important ingredient in choosing the right fence for your home will always be making sure it suits your needs. So, ask yourself, is the goal of installing a fence to maintain a certain level of privacy, increase property value and curb appeal, or is it to keep your pets and children within the boundaries of their own yard?

Something else that must be considered when putting up a fence is the initial cost and the amount of maintenance it will require to keep it in good condition and looking good for years. Cost is often the overriding factor in selecting a good fence, but that doesn’t have to mean your selection will not perform according to your desires.

Here are some tips you may find helpful in deciding which fence is right for your home:

1. If you want a fence for the privacy and security, then you’ll want a full privacy fence.  Privacy fencing has no visibility between slats, comes in a variety of styles and materials.  The most popular are vinyl and cedar.  Privacy fence is usually more expensive that other fencing types, simply because they require more material.  Some HOA’s may not allow full privacy fencing, make sure you check the guidelines of your sub-division.

2. When full privacy is not important, many people opt for a semi-privacy fencing.  They still provide great security, but are more open,  and allow sunlight and air to pass through.

3. If looks or simple defining a property boundary is the main goal, then a picket fence is the way to go.  Picket fencing will not provide privacy or security, but they add a beautiful look and feel to a property – especially wide open or larger property spaces.

4. Fence maintenance can, over time become a big issue since not all fencing materials hold up to the weather in the same way. Vinyl fencing will cost more initially, but requires very little maintenance, and in the long run will be less expensive than cedar.

Choose The Right Fence Contractor

Specialized tools are required when fencing in a yard. You could do it yourself, but unless you have the skills and equipment to do the work properly you would be better off hiring a fencing contractor. Contractors understand how to secure building permits and can advise you on the right fence for the job and whether or not your HOA would approve. Be safe and call in an expert.


Mar 25

The Ins And Outs of Driveway Paving

An aspect many people don’t think about when they are building a new home is the driveway. You might thing there isn’t much to think about when it comes to driveways, but in reality, there is a lot you need to know. Driveway paving in MA doesn’t have to be confusing. A paved, asphalt driveway isn’t just a transition from the road to your garage. It makes a great aesthetic focal point for any home and can show off your new car as well. It offers a safe place for your kids to play hopscotch and basketball, or sketch out some chalk masterpieces. Most importantly, asphalt driveways are easy to maintain, economical, and durable. Remember that a well done paved driveway is made up of three things: an excellent design, excellent materials, and excellent construction.

Excellent Design

The first step to any major project is the planning. A good driveway can’t be made without a plan. Driveways, much like the houses they compliment, are built from the ground up. So, you’ll want to start with a sturdy base. The ground on which the driveway will be laid has to be firm, smooth, and even. Make sure there is no topsoil or organic material. Next, you’ll want to lay a granular stone over the base to ensure proper drainage. Drainage pitch and types of pavement are also concerns that go into a well designed driveway. Since water will drain off of the asphalt, make sure it drains properly; away from buildings and places where it can pool.

Excellent Materials

Most people look at asphalt and think that there is only one type of asphalt. To the trained eye, however, there are a wide variety of different types of mixes that each have a specific application. Each type of asphalt will vary according to climate conditions, strength, and durability concerns. The person you hire to mix and pour the asphalt should understand and know the specific conditions in your area and be able to provide a mix that will work best for you.

Excellent Construction

You’ve decided on asphalt as your preferred choice of material for your driveway and have planned a look of what you want. Now, you’re ready to get a contractor who’s willing to do your driveway paving in MA. Good contractors will have a long line of experience in laying asphalt, well-maintained equipment, and highly professional employees. Look for some key steps during the construction that can indicate you’ve made the right choice of contractor. He shouldn’t be in a rush. The ground is very loose just after the house has been built and may take up to a few months for it to settle enough for driveway construction to occur. A good contractor will know if the asphalt is too hot as it is being poured when blue smoke rises from the surface. He will also know when it is too cold. He’ll want to lay the asphalt in good, warm weather. A good contractor will also have a professional demeanor, willing to answer any questions you have in a clear and concise manner. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll have a beautiful asphalt driveway in no time!


Mar 25

Where to Get Good Plumbing Tips

Sometimes, being the plumber for your own home can be difficult. While you need to go to the plumber for bigger jobs, you can sometimes do simple things for maintenance. But where are you getting your information? Many of the tips shared online or from others around you are wrong and can cause damage to your plumbing. To find real tips from real plumbers, go to, and you will find the trustworthy help you need to know you are doing the right thing. This site offers tips to the most commonly asked plumbing questions.

Common Plumbing Questions

Some of the most common plumbing questions are simply answered. For example, many people don’t know how to properly unclog a drain. The first thing to do is take out the covering on the drain, and stick a clog remover down the drain. The clog remover looks like a long stick that can hook on the clog and drag it back out of the pipe. If this works, then the clog can be cleared out enough to not be a problem. If this does not work, then it means that the clog is deeper in the pipes and other pipe sections will need to be removed to get access to the clog. These deeper clogs are often found in the u-turns of piping. You can either unscrew the section to try to remove the clog yourself (turn off the water supply first) or call a plumber if you don’t think you can do it successfully. Another common plumbing question people ask is how to deal with a clogged toilet. To unclog a toilet, you will need a plunger. Thrust the plunger against the toilet hole. It should bring the clog back out into the toilet, and you may need to remove the clog from the bowl and put it in a bag. If the plunger does not work, then the clog is in deeper plumbing and it will be much more difficult to deal with.

Other Plumbing Needs

The plumbing site can also give other helpful advice as well. There is general maintenance that can be done to avoid any plumbing problems in the first place, and the website has a link for that. You can speak to a plumber and ask any questions you may have to get a direct answer. There are instructional videos that may help you see what needs to be done when you are working on a project.


Mar 04

It’s About Time You Undertook That Immediate Roof Repair Offer!

Many people say that rooms are the most essential parts of the home. However, when you think about it, you will discover that the roof is equally if not more important. The roof plays an important role in defining the building and helps to transform a simple house into an attractive feature. The roof offers protection to the inhabitants during all weather conditions. However, with time, you can soon discover roof decays and at this point, the roof calls for roof repairs.

Reasons to call the repair guy

  • Regular roof inspections are necessary to help detect problems with the roof before these degenerates into a bigger problem. It is common to discover the roof has a problem when rainwater comes leaking through the roof to the ceiling.

When the roof has deficiencies, water finds its way through the spaces in the roof. Some homeowners choose to use containers to collect the dripping water. However, this short-term solution to a growing problem needs to be resolved with urgency.

  • The roof plays an important function of protecting the home’s interior. A roof is normally constructed to withstand snow, rain, wind and debris. This helps to protect the household from the harsh realities of extreme weather conditions. The roof has the capacity of protecting the interior from the UV rays. Furthermore, the roof is tasked with the responsibility of keeping the home warm particularly during winter. Therefore, damage to the roof can cause it to become ineffective.
  • Regular inspection to the roof will ensure problems are detected early. Hard ice balls can cause serious problems to the roof. This can lead to more problems as time goes by. Furthermore, worn out roofing materials can cause the roof to be open to leaks.

Getting in touch with the professionals

In case the roof has a leak, it is advisable to get in touch with a professional roof repair company. By performing a search on the internet or asking for recommendations from friends and family, you will be in a position to find the right company. By taking immediate effort to repair the small problems this will go a long way in saving the house from bigger problems in the future.

Before taking the initiative to contact a repair company, it is important to prepare a budget. This way you will be in a position to decide whether fixing patches or fitting a new roof is the way to go.


Mar 04

Choosing Window Treatments? ‘Shutter’ The Thought!

There are blinds, curtains, drapes, shades… so many choices… so few windows. But then there is the alternative. Going with shutters means having the choice of letting in some light, all of the sunshine or none of it – much as with blinds – but shutters give you added protection against outside temperatures. They close and can even lock. Try that with blinds. And for noise reduction, nothing beats closing the shutters against all the racket on the other side.

Styles, sizes and colors

There are several styles of shutters, some of which fit better with certain styles of windows and complement specific decors. Colors can range from natural wood to colors that accessorize or offset the room or the furniture. Choose large shutters for large windows or several smaller sections with which to cover the entire window. Go top to floor, just window coverage or partial coverage with a valance on top. And with shutters, not only can you determine the amount of light you want to let into a room but you can direct it upwards, downward or straight across. Or open them completely for no block at all.

Ooh, look… that house has shutters!

Another positive point of shutters is that they not only help spruce up the interior of your home but they look beautiful from the outside as well. Did you even consider curb appeal when you started considering window treatments? Well you should have. And while on the subject of outside, nothing offers more privacy than shutters. Even heavy drapes can be moved aside by a good draft or breeze. Not with shutters. Closed means closed. No shadows will show through closed shutters either, as with sheers at night when the inside of the house is lit up.

Time to review

You now have more than enough reasons to go with shutters in your home. You can make a good argument against just about any other window treatment. Okay, let’s wrap this up. Here’s why you need shutters in your home:

  • They are the most durable and strongest window treatment.
  • They don’t make that annoying noise that some blinds make when the wind blows.
  • They reduce the cost of cooling and heating.
  • You don’t have to take them down in order to clean them.
  • They can be fitted to oddly shaped windows.
  • No sagging, no wrinkling.
  • Blind and shades – boring! Shutters – eye catching, both indoors and out.